BAU Holds Eleven Commencement Ceremonies due to Covid-19 Pandemic Measures

27 July 2021


Beirut Arab University celebrated its 58th Commencement through 11 different ceremonies that were intentionally divided respecting the Covid-19 Pandemic safety measures.

The ceremony included 1946 graduates from ten faculties including 1522 Bachelor's Degrees, 424 Master's and Doctorate holders from various specialties. Ceremonies were distributed in Beirut, Debbieh and Tripoli Campuses.

“The Achievers” was the Commencement Ceremony Title launched in appreciation to the efforts exerted by the students during the semesters, and their responsibility, their resilience in facing the conditions imposed by the pandemic, and their continuous learning despite the economic, living and psychological challenges they faced.

The health precautionary measures due to the pandemic imposed organizing ceremonies that extended for seven days where the university provided livestreaming through social media for the families of students to watch the ceremonies.

President of Beirut Arab University Professor Amr Galal El Adawi addressed a message to graduates during the ceremonies urging them to create opportunities in the midst of crises, "because history tells us that nations rise from under the rubble of crises by people’s will, and uniting their ideas and the power of their efforts.

The President continued “Create your future by yourselves, do not wait for someone to draw the parameters of that future for you. Do not rely on the painful reality, face it with faith, science, and determination to change, and set out in the fields of life positively in a breath that knows nothing but hope and hard work. The whole world is waiting for you.”

Prof. El-Adawi concluded, "The University opens for you every door to continue your scientific path after graduation. It provides for you opportunities to continue self-development and learning in order to keep pace with the radical changes that the world has witnessed today after the Covid-19 pandemic in the field of scientific research, personal and technical skills, and the requirements of the labor market."

The Graduation Certificates were distributed in the commencements to graduates and outstanding students who were awarded Jamal Abdel Nasser and Issam Houry Awards.