BAU Celebrated its 59th Anniversary & Granted Prof. Nadey Hakim an Honorary Doctorate

07 November 2018


BAU President Prof. El-Adawi: BAU steadily heads towards leadership, excellence and quality.

Prof. Nadey Hakim, with an Honorary Doctorate: To conquer the impossible with positive ideas.

Beirut Arab University celebrated its 59th anniversary in a ceremony held at its Campus in Beirut, where the International Surgeon Professor Nadey Hakim was granted an Honorary Doctorate in honor of his achievements in medicine and surgery.

In addition to Hakim’s family and friends, the event was attended by Dr. Ammar Houri representing HE Saad Hariri and HE Fouad Sanioura, Minister of Labor Mohammad Kabbara represented by Mr. Hussein Zalghout, MPs Rola Tabesh Jaroudi, Fouad Makhzoumi, and Nicola Sehnawi represented by Mr. Ramzi Dassoum, Ambassador of Egypt to Lebanon Nazih Najjari, Ambassador of Algeria to Lebanon Ahmad Abo Zayan, Ambassador of Iraq to Lebanon Ali AL Amiri, Ambassador of Czech Republic Michaela Froňková, Head and members of Wakf El Bir Wal Ihsan, BAU Secretary General Dr. Omar Houri, deans and administrative staff members, as well as a crowd of municipal, social, educational, cultural and media representatives.

After the Lebanese Anthem and BAU Anthem, a short documentary about the changes the university has undergone since its establishment in 1960 was presented, highlighting the modernity of its facilities at all levels.

The celebration was also an occasion to launch the new documentary about the university which showed all the scientific and structural achievements, as well as the new equipment at the laboratories, departments and facilities in Beirut and Debbieh Campuses as well as Tripoli and Bekaa Branches.

In her opening speech, Director of Public Relations Ms. Zina Ariss Houri recalled the first generation who contributed to the renaissance of the university and BAU’s former Secretary General the late Mr. Issam Houri, stressing the university's insistence on the standards of excellence, quality and openness that led it to global recognition.

BAU President Professor Amr Galal El-Adawi noted that "in light of the challenges and obstacles facing the region and the Arab world at various levels, BAU’s insistence on heading steadily towards leadership, excellence and quality is the most significant success story which tells of great will, challenge, determination and hope. Despite all circumstances, we believe that education is the driving force of societies towards development, growth and prosperity. BAU shall always seek to highlight inspiring success stories, especially its quest for closer ties with the civil society through new partnerships in the fields of innovation, creativity and development in the service, industry, planning, technology, health care, environmental development sectors among many others.”

El-Adawi considered that BAU is facing a great responsibility which it has assumed since 1960, honestly carrying it over the past decades, firmly adhering to the development approach and keeping up with any updates while maintaining originality and values that guarantee its distinction and heritage.

El-Adawi, then, presented a significant part of Surgeon Professor Nadey Hakim’s biography mainly setting the first pancreas transplant program, performing the first transplantation of a pancreas in Southeastern England and participating with a team of doctors to implant the first hand in the world, in addition to other remarkable achievements in the world of medicine. Afterwards, and based on BAU Council’s decision, President El-Adawi granted Prof. Nadey Hakim an Honorary Doctorate in medicine as a token of appreciation and recognition for his efforts as well as scientific and humanitarian contributions.

Surgeon Professor Nadey Hakim spoke of his great pride to obtain this degree from Beirut Arab University, thanking the University President and administration for this opportunity. He, then, presented a number of his main achievements during his scientific and medical career throughout the countries he worked in, addressing the audience and the students with important advice, most notably not to succumb to failure but constantly search for ideas of excellence and success, conquer the impossible armed with determination and face reality with positive and constructive ideas.