BAU Attained the International accreditation for the Faculty of Medicine from the WFME

22 February 2022


The Faculty of Medicine at Beirut Arab University attained the International Accreditation from The Association for Evaluation and Accreditation of Medical Education Programs (TEPDAD) based on The International Standards of World Federation for Medical Education (WFME). This achievement was launched under the auspices of the Minister of Public Health Dr. Firas Abiad at Hariri building in Beirut Campus.

The accreditation corresponds with the decision of the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates in the United States of America (ECFMG), which states that the applicant for its professional certificate must be a graduate or student accredited by the World Federation of Medical Education.

The university had started a huge workshop for developing the programs of the Faculty of Medicine, however, several reasons- such as the COVID- 19 pandemic, the economic collapse and the Beirut Port explosion- did not hinder but rather increased the challenges for the Faculty to attain this International Accreditation.

The ceremony took into consideration prevention measures against that COVID-19 Pandemic and was attended by the President of Beirut Arab University Professor Amr Galal El- Adawi, the Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt to Lebanon Dr. Yasser Elwi, the Medical Director of Sahel Hospital Dr. Walid Alameh, the Chief Executive Officer and the Chief Medical Officer at Makassed General Hospital Dr. Mohammad Bader and Dr. Mohammad Hasbini respectively, Acting Chairman of the Board at Rafic Hariri University Hospital Dr. Jalal Natour, General Director of Dar Al- Ajaza Islamic Hospital Dr. Bader Zeidan, Faculty Deans, the Secretary General Dr. Omar Houry, faculty professors, doctors and students.

After a welcome speech from the master of the ceremony, Dr. Bilal Azakir, to attendees, Minister Abiad said, "I express my extreme happiness to be with you at Beirut Arab University, not only as a minister but also as a friend of this university. I also express my pride and honor for what this university is doing, and we, as a ministry, are partners with the university in many projects in addition to training doctors and administrative staff.”

Minister Abiad continued: “What brings us together today is not only that the Faculty of Medicine attained international accreditation, but the education that the university offers which contributed in the leadership of Lebanese people all over the world. Therefore, universities have chosen the difficult path in order to maintain high quality."

I also want to refer to the subject of "the brain drain of doctors and nurses, which is a major problem for the Ministry of Public Health and has led to negative repercussions on the country, and this requires concerted efforts by those who remained to provide medical services to our people." He added, “Countries pass through difficult times but what determines the person’s identity is his reaction to the challenges and his eagerness to come out of the crisis better than they were.”

Professor Amr Galal El- Adawi, President of the University, said, "Today we celebrate the International Accreditation for the Faculty of Medicine which was founded in 1995. We announce the university’s completion of all the international accreditation system for all programs”. The President continued: “I would like to pay tribute to Minister Abiad, the hero of encountering the COVID-19 pandemic, when he was in charge of Rafic Hariri University Hospital. I also thank the Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt to Lebanon for his great efforts in supporting Lebanon and Beirut Arab University and the efforts of the former deans and the entire staff of the Faculty of Medicine, including professors, employees and students, which led to this achievement."

Prof. El-Adawi pointed out that "the Faculty of Medicine has made great efforts in developing the programs despite the difficult circumstances and challenges. We are one of the first medical schools in Lebanon which developed their programs and we have worked on integrating medical specialties that include various faculties and not limited to the Faculty of Medicine only."

The Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Professor Mahmoud Mahfouz said “We attained accreditation amid many very difficult challenges from the Corona pandemic, the economic crisis, and Beirut Port explosion. The faculty and university were able to quickly respond and adapt to the various changes and challenges, and even played a positive role in community service. This was evident in the vaccination center, the hotline and Beirut Arab University Healthcare Center (BAUHC).

Dean Mahfouz continued, "The Faculty’s mission is to graduate medical competencies according to international quality standards capable to achieve the proper practice of the profession of Medicine and scientific research and qualified to serve the community as defined by The International Standards of World Federation of Medical Education for undergraduate programs and post graduate programs according to Association for Evaluation and Accreditation of Medical Education Programs.”

At the end of the ceremony, President El Adawi presented the university honorary shield of appreciation to His Excellency Dr. Firas Abiad, Minister of Public Health, in appreciation of his efforts.