Beirut Arab University hosted Annahar University Roadshow which aims at introducing university students from all fields and disciplines who are trying to lead their own lives, relying on their university skills to improve their social and academic conditions. 

The seminar was attended by the President of Beirut Arab University Prof. Amr Galal El- Adawi, Director of Editing Nayla Tueni in addition to students that was interested in attending. The seminar was opened by the Director of Strategy and Marketing Habib Khoury and Director of the Advisory Finance at SGBL Jamie Azar. Khoury explained that 45% of the population has smartphones, 85% uses the Internet on their phones, spending about 203 minutes a day using those phones, and 64% of online shopping also occurs via phones. Moreover, 27% of the world's banking customers rely on smartphones for their banking operations. Although the prevailing mentality among customers is the direct relationship with the bank employee, this will change in the coming years and the phone will be your mobile “bank" within your hands.

Khoury and Azar defined the importance of Circular 331 issued by Lebanon's Central Bank, Banque du Liban (BDL) to inject $400 million into Lebanon's knowledge economy in the form of investments by Lebanese private banks. The circular aims primarily at reducing brain drain and stimulating entrepreneurship through Banque du Liban’s guaranty of the commercial banks' investments in the knowledge economy, whether direct against shares in emerging companies or indirect through supporting institutions for emerging companies. They also clarified how this circular helps the Lebanese economy, securing a large number of the youth in their homeland.

One of the most successful emerging projects is Modeo application, which allows anyone to design custom furniture online and order the parts that will be shipped for them to assemble. The idea started by Emile Arais, who likes to create his own furniture. Together with Alen Jmayel, Emile developed the idea into an application that is available for everyone. 

Moving to the Nile and Euphrates site, the largest online e-library with more than 550,000 paperbacks and 10,000 e-books, Salah Shebaro explains how this project began 15 years ago when the e-library was a major risk. Today, the library's orders are delivered throughout the world, from Lebanon to Alaska and China, stressing the importance of developing the Internet sector in Lebanon to create job opportunities. 

Another leading company was created by Bassel Jalaleddine, namely Cherpa platform that helped students learn robotics in an innovative and hierarchical way, working on the robot step by step with a virtual assistant on the Cherpa platform that helps the user to complete the required steps in an easy and interactive way, enabling the recipients to avoid errors and master their work.