ASCE Chapter at BAU organized a lecture about Breast Cancer

04 November 2021


For the occasion of the Breast Cancer Awareness Month which is held in October yearly , and in order to support this common cause , the ASCE Chapter at Beirut Arab university organized a lecture for Mr. Hani Nassar representing the Barbara Nassar Association, Ms. Michelle Nabhane , a Cancer patient Survivor, and Dr. Maroun Sadek, Oncologist.

The lecture shed the light on spreading awareness and sharing all the necessary instructions to stop Breast Cancer.

Mr. Nassar elaborated how his association was founded explaining how their primary mission is to support adult cancer patients, morally and financially.

Ms. Nabhane shared her survival inspirational story on how she struggled throughout her treatments but decided to keep on fighting not just for herself but also for her family, friends and beloved ones.

Dr. Sadek lectured about cancer diagnosis and its stages, treatment protocols and methods of medical examinations.