A Research Unit from the Faculty of Engineering conducted a site observations and damage assessment of the wheat silos at Beirut Port

18 August 2020


Further to the contribution of the Faculty of Engineering at Beirut Arab University to different activities related to the consequences of Beirut explosion, a research unit composed of Professor Yehya Temsah, Dr Ali Jahamy, engineers Kamal Shibo and Baraa Moussa, launched a research project targeting the study of the explosion properties and its effects on the nearby structures.

Different parts, such as the Lebanese Army, the Order of Engineers at Beirut, and Beirut Municipality, showed their great interest to this project and engineers from these parts may eventually join the research group.

The research team members Prof. Yehya Temsah and Dr. Ali Jahami conducted a site visit to the Beirut harbor on August 14, 2020 in coordination with Beirut municipality and the Lebanese army.

The main object of the visit was the structural assessment of the wheat silos and evaluate the hazards related to the removal of debris works. The site observations and damage assessment resulted in collecting some important data for the research project, and several recommendation to the different parts working on the site related to the methodology of debris removal and demolition works.