The Public Relations Administration at Beirut Arab University organized an interactive Medical Panel Discussion entitled "Plastic Surgery and its Limits" at Beirut campus in the presence of BAU President Professor Amr Galal El-Adawi, BAU Secretary General Dr. Omar Houri, students, as well as Administrative and Academic Staff. The Panel included Dr. Dany Touma, the Head of the Lebanese Society of Dermatology, Dr. Haitham Fawwal ,the Head of the Obesity Surgery Department at Makassed Hospital, and Dr. Sawsan Wazzan Nutritionist. After presenting a short video about BAU faculties and facilities, the Director of the Public Relations Administration Ms. Zina Ariss welcomed the audience, pointing out that maintaining the harmony between health and beauty is a controversial topic in both Eastern and Western Societies. The Panel was moderated by Journalist Riwa Atrach whereby she started with Dr. Dany Touma who discussed the ways in taking care and adding a natural touch of beauty to the person’s looks away from the methods of distortion. He emphasized on how to maintain the health’s feature and improve the skin to be compatible with the age factor. After that, Dr. Haitham Fawal pointed out that surgical intervention should not be sought in case of natural overweight as long as it is not considered obesity. At the same time, he stressed the fact that obesity is relevant to the people’s culture and should be eliminated. He believed that obesity operations help people overcome chronic diseases too. However, these operations must always be backed up with sufficient physical activity and a healthy diet. Dr. Sawsan Wazzan talked about the ways to maintain healthy weight, and showed the difference between the healthy and ideal weight as well as the casual number of calories sufficient for the body during the day and how to distribute them to meals. She recommended not to neglect sports as they lead to positive results when accompanied by a healthy diet. During the seminar, the audience interacted through Social Media with the topic across Hashtag "# Beauty and its Limits " where they added their questions, comments, and inquiries. The seminar concluded with BAU President granting honorary shields to the moderator and the participating physicians.