The Faculties of Human Sciences and Law and Political Science at BAU organised the “Literature and Law” Seminar to explore the strong relationship between these two fields. When it comes to literature, the poet’s and the writer’s message depends on the imagination, inspiration and aesthetic images that aim to discover the individual’s motives, feelings and actions, and interpret them morally and humanly. The message of the man of law, on the other hand, focuses on logic and argument, addressing the minds to punish the outlaws, resolve disputes, reconcile interests and support social peace. However, literature and law are considered different means that lead to the same end: to ennoble man and his relations, improve his society, upgrade his experiences and promote his self-expression while preserving human values and rights. Therefore, this seminar sought to explore the aspects of convergence and integration between literature and law, addressing various topics in two main sessions:

Session 1: The Journey of the Man of Law in the Realm of Literature

Chairperson: Professor Mohammad Kassem, Dean of Faculty of Law and Political Science

Judge Ghaleb Ghanem - Honorary President of the Court of Cassation of Lebanon / Former President of the Supreme Judicial Council Professor

Ibrahim Al Najjar -  Honorary Professor at the Faculty of Law - USJ / Former Minister of Justice

Mr. Rashid Derbas -  Lawyer / Former Minister of Social Affairs Dr. Thuraya Al Solh Judge - State Consultative Council

Session 2: The Literary Faculties from the Perspective of Law

Chairperson: Professor Mayssa El-Nayyal, Dean of Faculty of Human Sciences

Professor Nadia Iskandarani - Professor of French Literature – BAU

Dr. Laila Helmi  - Associate Professor of English Literature - BAU

Professor Ahmad Fares - Professor of Arabic Literature and Linguistics - BAU

Dr. Mehdi Mansour - Poet / Instructor of Physics and Education

Ms. Lea Baroudi - Founding Member and Director of Marsh Society