Science - Radiation-Protection

  • Degree: Diploma
  • Campus: Debbieh
  • Faculty: Science
  • Department: Physics

Program Description

All students enrolled in the Radiation Protection Diploma program must successfully complete 30 Credits courses in order to graduate. 

Study Plan:

Required Courses (RC)

Course Code Course Title Credits Hours Distribution Course Type
PHYS651 Review Of Fundamentals 3 (3crs.:3lec) RC
PHYS653 Quantities And Measurements 2 (2crs.:2lec) RC
PHYS654 Exposure Of The Public Due To Practices 3 (3crs.:3lec) RC
PHYS655 Biological Effects Of Ionizing Radiation 1 (1cr.:1lec) RC
PHYS656 Intervention In Situation Of Chronic And Emergency Exposure 3 (3crs.:3lec) RC
PHYS657 Principles Of Radiation Protection And The International Framework 2 (2crs.:2lec) RC
PHYS658 Medical Exposures In Diagnostic Radiology, Radiotherapy And Nuclear Medicine 3 (3crs.:3lec) RC
PHYS659 Assessment Of External And Internal Exposures 3 (3crs.:3lec) RC
PHYS660 Protection Against Occupational Exposure 4 (4crs.:4lec) RC
PHYS662 Advanced Practical Training 6 (6crs.:0lec,12lab) RC
PHYS666 Thesis 6 (6Crs.) RC