Business-Administration - Management

  • Degree: Bachelor
  • Campus: Beirut, Debbieh, Tripoli
  • Faculty: Business Administration

Program Description

To receive a Bachelor Degree in Management, a student must satisfactorily complete 100 credit hours with an overall minimum cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 2.0 + ICDL (International Computer Driving License).

Career Opportunities: Administrative Assistant - Assistant Manager - Production Control Manager - Technical Consultant - Office Manager - Administrative Manager - Development Officer - Senior Manager of Contact - Human Resources Specialist - Information Services Supervisor - Branch Manager - Policy Maker - Information Systems Manager - Customer Service Manager - Labor Relations Specialist - Entrepreneur - Market Research Analyst.

Head of department - Associate Professor Dr. Alaa Abbass Ali
Assistant Professor Dr. Abdul Rahman Baydoun
Assistant Professor Dr. Ahmad Anouti
Assistant Professor Dr. Ayman Bazzi
Assistant Professor Dr. Ali Abou Ali
Assistant ProfessorDr. Jad Jaber
Teaching AssistantRachel Saad
Part Time Member (Associate Professor)
Dr. Amal El Kordy
Part Time Member (Assistant Professor)
Dr. Mohammed El Khatib
Part Time Member (Lecturer)
Ms. Ruba Farahat
Part Time Member (Lecturer) Mr. Rabieh ElKhatib
Part Time Member (Lecturer) Ms. Suzan El Kad
Part Time Member (Lecturer) Mr. Talal El Kaiss

Our mission is to educate business leaders by providing students with quality education through outstanding faculty members and to help them to become educational resources. In pursuing our mission, we:

  • Maintain quality academic programs that promote student success in their chosen career and responsible contributors to their communities;
  • Support and expect academic staff members to engage in applied business and professional activities that complement the academic commitment to the students, the region, and beyond.

The Bachelor of Business Administration Degree with a major in Management, enables students to demonstrate a wide–range of technical, creative and conceptual skills. It allows the student to have the opportunity to analyze, diagnose and execute judgments across a broad range of management functions.

The Department aims to:

  • Ensure an exceptional and distinctive learning experience for all students.
  • Provide a comprehensive curriculum of study which develops management knowledge, skills and competences that are essential for effective decision making.
  • Provide a basic understanding of how to apply key managerial concepts and theories in the contemporary work environment.
  • Develop human relations (Interpersonal Skills).
  • Develop an understanding of how group dynamics affect individual and group behavior.
  • Understand how to integrate the functional areas of an organization.
  • Provide an understanding and appreciation of the human resources policies and procedures used by organizations and managers.
  • Understand sources of change, barriers to change and effective ways to overcome them.
  • Instill in students an appreciation of differences in cultures and values.

a- Knowledge and Understanding

  • Provide the basic and foundational subjects relevant to Business Administration.
  • Acquire various theories and models in studying business situations.
  • Describe quantitative methods in business analysis.
  • Recognize different types of strategies in the business disciplines.
  • Handle available resources and put them to proper use in practical applications.
  • Distinguish different types of production and operation management.
  • Acquire adequate knowledge in related fields such as accounting and economics.

b- Intellectual Skills

  • Develop analytical skills.
  • Develop decision-making skills.
  • Develop effective communication skills.
  • Build negotiation skills.
  • Analyze business case studies.
  • Demonstrate a social foundation of the concepts and theories of management.
  • Develop professional knowledge and skills in the field of management.

c- Practical and Professional Skills

  • Apply theoretical models to actual business situations (assignments, case studies and project work).
  • Perform critical assessment, evaluation, application and decision making capabilities in every subject/discipline.
  • Formulate and implement strategies in every business situation.
  • Apply creative, logical and critical thinking to respond effectively to the changes in the business world.

d- General and Transferable Skills

  • Communication skills.
  • Presentation skills.
  • Analyze data in an organized form.
  • Work collaboratively and engage with people in different settings.
  • Interpersonal skills.
  • Time management skills.

The undergraduate curriculum for the Degree of Bachelor in Business Administration (Management Major) consists of 100 credit hours of course work + ICDL.

Management graduates may be employed by large private or public organizations, profit or nonprofit organizations, governmental or local authorities, consultation firms and much more.

Some career options include:

Administrative Assistant; Assistant Manager; Production Control Manager; Technical Consultant; Office Manager; Development Officer; Human Resources Specialist; Information Services Supervisor; Branch Manager; Information Systems Manager; Customer Service Manager; Market Research Analyst; Entrepreneur.

Study Plan:

Course Code Course Title Credits Hours Distribution Course Type
First Semester
BACC201 Principles of Accounting I 3 3 Lec Major R
BECO201 Microeconomics 3 3 Lec Major R
BMTH201 Business Math 3 3 Lec Major R
BUSN201 Business Law 2 2 Lec Major R
BUSN203 Business Communications 2 2 Lec Major R
------- Major Electives 3 3 Crs Major E
Second Semester
BACC202 Principles of Accounting II 3 3 Lec Major R
BECO202 Macroeconomics 3 3 Lec Major R
BMGT202 Principels of Management 3 3 Lec Major R
BMTH202 Business Statistics 3 3 Lec Major R
BUSN204 Business Ethics 2 2 Lec Major R
------- Major Electives 3 3 Crs Major E
Third Semester
BMGT301 Organizational Behavior 3 3 Lec Major R
BMGT303 International Business 3 3 Lec Major R
BMIS301 Management Information Systems I 3 3 Lec Major R
BMKT301 Principles of Marketing 3 3 Lec Major R
------- Major Electives 4 4 Crs Major E
Fourth Semester
BFIN302 Financial Management 3 3 Lec Major R
BFSC302 Taxation Systems 3 3 Lec Major R
BMGT302 Operations Management 3 3 Lec Major R
BMGT304 Strategic Management 3 3 Lec Major R
BMGT306 Human Resource Management 3 3 Lec Major R
------- Major Electives 2 2 Crs Major E
Fifth Semester
BMGT401 Leadership 3 3 Lec Major R
BMKT401 Marketing Research 3 3 Lec Major R
BUSN401 E-Business 3 3 Lec Major R
------- Major Electives 2 2 Crs Major E
------- University Requirements 6 6 Crs CUR
Sixth Semester
BACC404 Managerial Accounting 3 3 Lec Major R
BMGT402 Organizational Analysis & Design 3 3 Lec Major R
BMGT404 Entrepreneurship & Venture Management 3 3 Lec Major R
BMGT410 Senior Project & Internship 3 3 Lec Major R
------- Major Electives 2 2 Crs Major E
------- University Requirements 3 3 Crs CUR

Major Electives (Major E)

Course Code Course Title Credits Hours Distribution Course Type
BACC403 Cost Accounting 3 3 Lec Major E
BECO406 Managerial Economics 3 3 Lec Major E
BFIN314 Investments 3 3 Lec Major E
BFIN412 Financial Institutions & Capital Markets 3 3 Lec Major E
BHOT301 Introduction to Hospitality Management 3 3 Lec Major E
BMGT411 Human Resource Planning & Development 3 3 Lec Major E
BMGT412 Quantitative Techniques for Management 3 3 Lec Major E
BMGT413 Logistics & Supply Chain Management 3 3 Lec Major E
BMIS302 Management Information Systems II 3 3 Lec Major E
BUSN420 Corporate Social Responsibility 3 3 Lec Major E