Phytochemical investigation of Psoralea bituminosa L. and its anti-diabetic potentials


Psoralea bituminosa L. (Fabaceae), is a very important medicinal plant, used in traditional medicine in Europe, Asia, and America, and in Africa for, its antiseptic, antihyperglycemic and anti-oxidative potentials. The objective of this study is to investigate the potential of Psoralea bituminosa (Pbt.) in the management of diabetes and diabetic– induced thermal hyperalgesia. Moreover, this study aimed also to investigate the volatile oil constituents of Pbt. growing in Lebanon utilizing GC-MS method. Methods: Blood glucose level (BGL) was measured using gluco-meter while diabetic-induced thermal hyperplasia of Pbt. growing in Lebanon was measured using tail flick and hot plate methods. Antioxidant was measured using DPPH free radicals method. Volatile oil of fresh and dried aerial parts of Pbt. was analyzed using GC-MS. Results: The result of study conducted on Lebanese Pbt. revealed that acute anti-diabetic activity of Pbt. in the 3 extracts subjected a decrease in BGL ranging between 34% to 38.5%. In subchronic anti-diabetic activity of Pbt. BGL dropped in range 19% to 44%. Moreover, Pbt. extract showed 1.7% to 13.6% increase in body weight at all doses with respect to 8th day. On the other hand, alloxan diabetic induced mice reported melioration by 63.8% to 86.3% on the 8th week alloxan after injection in diabetic – induced thermal hyperalgesia hotplate latency method. Nevertheless, a marked improvement in tail flick latency on the 8th week after alloxan injection by 22.7 % to 48.6 %. Pbt. extract revealed DPPH radical decreases at 82.6% at concentration of 100 mg/mL, respectively. Total flavonoid content measured of Pbt. was 135.83 mg/g while total phenolic content showed 217.48 mg/g. Conclusion: Psoralea bituminosa showed a significant effect in the management of diabetes and neuropathic pain conditions and limiting expected side-effects, which might be used as a future antidiabetic therapy.


Karim M Raafat


Karim M Raafat, Sara M Al Ayoubi, Abdalla M El-Lakany

Journal/Conference Information

Pharmacognosy Journal,DOI: 10.5530/pj.2018.5.143, ISSN: 0975-3575, Volume: 10, Issue: 5, Pages Range: 841-853