Assessment of a Pharmaceutical Advertisement Analysis Module in a DrugLiterature Evaluation Course


Objective. To evaluate the impact of an educational module on students’ self-efficacy when analyzing the content of promotional drug brochures (PDBs) and to assess the students’ value of PDBs’ as an educational tool. Methods. Third-year bachelor of pharmacy students participated in a one-hour lecture and a two-hour laboratory. Students completed a survey before and after participating in the module. Results. The module elicited a statistically significant change in students’ self-efficacy beliefs regarding evaluating promotional drug brochures, while the average perceived value of promotional drug brochures did not change significantly after the module. Conclusion. A brief educational module can increase students’ self-efficacy in evaluating the content of PDBs.


Mohamed Ezzat Khamis Amin

Journal/Conference Information

American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education,ISSN: 00029459, 15536467, Volume: 81, Issue: 6, Pages Range: 1-7