Intrinsically Floating Gastro- retentive Tablets of Salbutamol Sulphate using Different Sublimable/ Release Retarding Materials: A Comparative Study


Aim: The current study aimed to formulate porous floating gastroretentive tablets containing salbutamol sulphate (SS), using sublimation technique. Different formulations of SS porous tablets were prepared using hydroxypropylmethyl cellulose (HPMCK15M) or polyethylene oxide (PEOWSR301) as release-retarding polymers, and L-menthol, camphor or ammonium carbonate as sublimable materials. Methods: All tablets were prepared by direct compression technique followed by sublimation. The possibility of any drug-excipient interaction was investigated by differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) and fourrier transform infrared (FTIR). The porosity of the tablets was visualized using scanning electron microscope (SEM). Moreover, the effect of porosities and polymers on the physicochemical properties, swelling behavior and drug release profile of tablets were also studied. Results: After sublimation, tablets revealed a more porous morphology for menthol and camphor containing formulations, compared to ammonium carbonate. All porous tablets floated for over 24 hours with no floating lag time, except for ammonium carbonate that floated for 8 hours. Drug release profiles were affected by changing the type of polymer in the formulations, with a more sustained effect for HPMC-containing tablets. Drug release kinetics for all formulations demonstrated the best fit for Korsmeyer-Peppas model with n values ranging from 0.454-0.686, indicating an anomalous non fickian transport mechanism. Conclusion: Based on the results obtained, the formula containing HPMC and menthol (F1) was shown to be the optimum formula, requiring a minimal time for complete sublimation, having a highly porous stucture and providing a sustained drug release for over 10 hours. Keywords: Floating tablets, Gastroretentive, Salbutamol sulphate, Sublimation.


May Saab


Mohamed Issa, Wael Samy and Hoda El-Maradny

Journal/Conference Information

al. International Journal Of Pharmacy & Technology,Vol. 7 | Issue No.1 | 8094-8109