Thesis & Dissertations

Study of the association of IL-Awith Alopecia Areata susceptibility and severity


Alopecia areata, non-scarring, hair loss on the scalp, and/or body it is a disease of the hair follicles with multifactorial etiology and a strong component of autoimmune origin.The role that IL-17A serum levels are associated with AA regardless the disease severity, clinical type, age or gender of the patients, indicating that IL17A has a role in the aetiopathogenesis of alopecia areata that will give a promising hope in treatment of alopecia areata. After we finished our study we reached to the following recommendations: • Future studies covering larger section of patients should be conducted to evaluate serum levels of IL17A in alopecia areata patients for further confirmation of the achieved results. • Future studies are needed to be performed to verify the relationship between IL17A and TNF-α in the serum of alopecia areata patients. • Further studies are also required to investigate the expression of IL-17RA on the hair follicles and the direct action of IL17A ON the hair follicles


Khaleel Abdullateef Jasim Al Tameemi


Prof.Emam Hamed El Morsy, Dr.Amira Abdulfatooh Eid