Team Members

IPE is an approach to teaching and learning that brings together students from two or more professions to learn about, from and with each other in service of enabling effective collaboration. Its goal is to improve health care outcomes through the education of a collaborative practice ready workforce that is prepared to respond to local and global health needs (World Health Organization 2010).



Prof. Essam Osman

Director of IPE (Vice President for Medical Sciences)


Prof. Abdallah El Lakkany

Coordinator of IPE (Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy)


Faculty of Human Sciences

Prof. Mayssah El Nayal (Dean)

Faculty of Health Sciences

Prof. Iman Ghazzawi

Assist. Prof. Sawsan Moustafa

Faculty of Pharmacy

Assist. Prof. Lama Soubra

Assist. Prof. Mohamed Issa

Assist. Prof. Suzanne Nasser

Faculty of Medicine

Prof. Mona Aboul-Seoud

Faculty of Dentistry

Assoc. Prof. Sherine Badr


Faculty of Pharmacy

Dr. May Saab

Dr. Mohammad Hijazi

Dr. Marwa El Jamal

Rania Itani

Safa Hammoud

Youssef Fattouh

Faculty of Medicine

Dr. Ruzanna Petrosian

Dr. Mohammad Zein

Dr. Rim Taleb

Dr. Rola Othman

Amenah Hatab

Raheel Al-Houjayri

Faculty of Dentistry

Dr. Ghada Ayyash

Dr. Maria Reslan

Alaa El Mais

Carolina Jourdi

Fadel Khaled

Garo Kadian

Hani Arakji

Marwa Tannir

Mohammad Kassem

Nada Jaafar

Faculty of Health Sciences

Dana El-Masri

Dima Kreidieh

Hussein Abu Yassine

Ibrahim Kadamani

Lama Hanbali

Nadine Assaad

Niveen Masri

Rawan Chatila