Towards Sustainability Considering Modern Public Transport Systems


"Transportation is linked to all aspects of human life. Our natural environment, economic prosperity, and social wellbeing all depend on transportation systems that are safe, clean, efficient, and equitable. However, current predictions suggest that transportation sector growth is unsustainable. It threatens our environmental, economic, and social future. Altering and managing trends in transportation presents a significant challenge and will require the cooperation of all stakeholders at local, regional, national and international levels. This research identifies the core issues of the sustainable transportation debate. In the first part, it assures the importance of modern mass transit systems in having the right touch to put transportation sector on the right track towards sustainability, by comparing between four types of modern mass transit systems: subway metros, monorails, light rails, bus rapid transit; identifying advantages and disadvantages of each system. In the second part, Beirut city is taken as a case study. A study about transportation sector in Beirut is done, leading to a suggestion of a mass transit system for the city and supporting this suggestion with facts and calculations which will help the city to grow in a sustainable manner environmentally, economically and socially."


Hussein Mohammad Al Ajami


Dr. Youssef Atallah