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Influence of material properties on rate of resorption of two bone graft materials after sinus lift using radiographic assessment


Purpose. The aim of this study was to investigate the influence of chemical and physical properties of two graft materials on the rate of resorption. Materials and Methods. Direct sinus graft procedure was performed on 22 patients intended for implant placement. Two types of graft materials were used (Bio-Oss and Cerabone) and after 8 months healing time the implants were inserted. Radiographic assessment was performed over the period of four years. Particle size, rate of calcium release, and size and type of crystal structure of each graft were evaluated. Results. The average particle size of Bio-Oss (1mm) was much smaller compared to Cerabone (2.7 mm). The amount of calcium release due to dissolution of material in water was much higher for Bio-oss compared to Cerabone. X-ray image analysis revealed that Bio-Oss demonstrated significantly higher volumetric loss (33.4پ}3.1%) of initial graft size compared to Cerabone (23.4پ}3.6%). The greatest amount of vertical loss of graft material volume was observed after one year of surgery. Conclusion. The chemical and physical properties of bone graft material significantly influence resorption rate of bone graft materials used for sinus augmentation.


Fawzi Riachi


Nada Naaman, Carine Tabarani, Nayer Aboelsaad, Moustafa N. Aboushelib, Antoine Berberi, Ziad Salameh

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International Journal of Dentistry,May 2012, Vol. 2