Science - Course - Relativity 

  • Course Code: PHYS445
  • Credits: 3
  • Hours Distribution: (3Crs.:3Lec)
  • Course Type: Major Core (MJC)

Course Description

Michelson and Morley Experiment-Lorentz Transformations,Time dilation, Simultaneity, Length Contraction-Composition of velocities, Fizeu’s expriment-Interval Invariance, Causality and Twin Paradox, Transformation of mometum factor α, Relativistic momentum-Relativistic energy, Kinetic energy and mass energy relation-Motion of a charge in uniform Electric Field-Motion of a charge in uniform magnetic Field-The conservation of momentum and energy in Relativity-Particles decays, Tarasformations of momentum and energy-Doppler Effect and Aberration, Forces Transformations-Electromagnetic Fields Transformations-Fields of a moving charge and Four vector techniques. Relativistic covariance of Maxwell’s equations. Pre-req.: PHYS 346.