Science - Course - Classical Mechanics And Waves

  • Course Code: PHYS341
  • Credits: 3
  • Hours Distribution:  (3Crs.:3 Lec)
  • Course Type: Major Core (MJC)

Course Description

Vectors: coordinate systems, derivatives of vectors. Kinematics: velocity and acceleration, angular velocity, relative motion. Newton's laws, consequences. Conservative forces, solution methods. Harmonic oscillator, damped and forced oscillations. Resonance. Internal forces and torques, Center of Mass CM coordinates, two-body problem, collisions. Rigid body mechanics, equation of motion, moment of inertia. Kepler's laws, gravitational fields and forces, inverse square law orbits and energies, stability and symmetry. Constraints, generalized coordinates, Lagrangian, generalized momenta. Lagrange and Hamilton's equations, examples. Strings, equations of motion, normal frequencies and modes. Wave Equation.