• Course Code: OPER223
  • Credits: 2
  • Hours Distribution: (1 Lec., 2.5 Pract.)
  • Course Type: Preclinical Sciences Courses (Prec. Sci.)

Course Description

The course describes the biological, epidemiological, clinical aspects of dental caries, caries assessment and prevention. The course will also endorse abilities to solve problems relevant to restoration of carious lesions including occlusion, contact and contours. Isolation and moisture control techniques will be clarified as well as cavity preparation of anterior teeth. Students will be introduced to concepts of adhesion and bonding and will be able to describe the composition types and properties of composite resins. Students are expected to improve their skills in intra-coronal preparation and restoration of posterior teeth using amalgam. They will also perform different conservative preparation designs on anterior teeth and practice rubber dam application.

Prerequisite OPER 222