• Course Code: ORTD423
  • Credits: 2
  • Hours Distribution: (2 Lec., 1 Pract.)
  • Course Type: Clinical Sciences courses (Cln. Sci.)

Course Description

The objectives of this course is to provide students with a strong foundation in the area of clinical application of various orthodontic appliances. The potential and limitations of the appliances will be emphasized along with the biological effects of different types of forces applied by the appliances. The student will be trained to apply the principles of critical thinking and problem solving related to the comprehensive care of patients aiming at differentiating simple cases that a general practitioner can treat from those demanding referral to the orthodontist with special emphasis on interceptive treatment. The student will be involved in the prescription and clinical use of removable appliances in the prevention and interception of developing occlusal problems as well as simple orthodontic tooth movement.

Prerequisite OCLS 223