Dentistry - Course - Oral Surgery Clinics IV

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  • Course Code: OSRG684
  • Credits: 2
  • Hours Distribution: (6 Prac)
  • Course Type: Oral Surgery (OSRG)

Course Description

The Oral Surgery clinics allow the candidate to gain knowledge and clinical skills on administering appropriate local anesthesia in its different techniques. Throughout the clinics, the candidate will learn application of inhalational sedation (nitrous oxide). The candidate will be able to perform a strict infection control protocol and he will be ready to prepare surgically the patient for minor oral surgeries. Furthermore, it focuses on the surgical management of medically compromised patients. The candidate will be able to perform different minor surgical operations, including surgical extractions, removal of impacted teeth and pre-prosthetic surgeries. Moreover, the candidate will be able to diagnose and manage patients with odontogenic infections in form of incision and drainage. Also he will be able to differentially diagnose through radiographic interpretations and biopsies taking different types of oral cysts and tumors. Also, the candidate will gain experience about different surgical protocol concerning the insertion of single unit dental implants. At the end of the clinical courses, the candidate will be exposed to advanced cases of dental implants including bone grafting and sinus lifting procedures. Also, he will be able to diagnose different TMJ disorders and oral trauma. Finally, he will take experience in how to perform a full case presentation concerning cases needing orthognathic surgeries, and full case presentation with the appropriate management protocol to patients complaining of cleft lip/and or palate.