• Course Code: PHBS223
  • Credits: 1
  • Hours Distribution: (1 Lec.)
  • Course Type: Basic Sciences Courses (Bas. Sci.)

Course Description

Behavioural Science is the study of human behaviour in terms of its psychological, social and communicative aspects. The course introduces a number of topics that relate human behaviour to dentistry, such as oral health and quality of life, stress and inflammation, cognitive and emotional determinants of dental pain, dental fear and anxiety, managing patient anxiety, techniques of pain-reduction, psycho-social factors of oral health problems, psycho-social reactions and oral health disorders, the social context of dental care, enabling contact between the patient and the dental staff by using effective communication skills, benefits of communication skills and their components, using communication skills when treatment complications arise, using communication skills with other members of the health team, etc. While developing students’ theoretical knowledge and understanding of these topics, the course also provides case studies to enable students to transfer and apply the acquired knowledge in real-life situations later on.