Business-Administration - Course - Knowledge Management

  • Course Code: MBA659
  • Credits: 3
  • Hours Distribution: 3 Lec
  • Course Type: Major Electives (Major E)

Course Description

This course addresses contemporary issues in managing knowledge, intellectual capital and other intangible assets. Beginning with a view that these intangibles are strategic assets, the course will introduce the fundamentals of managing knowledge and intellectual capital, understanding some of the measurement issues, processes and cycles involved in their management and the specific issues in managing knowledge based workers and the organizations in which they work. Topics will also focus on current key issues in KM with the examination of various areas including: Communities of Practice, Advanced Taxonomies, Social/Knowledge Network Analysis, Balanced Scorecard, and Knowledge and Power in the context of the nature and origins of organizational knowledge, organizational learning, organizational memory, organizational capabilities and competences and knowledge work.