Thesis & Dissertations

Customer Acceptance of Internet Banking: An Empirical Study in Lebanon


Internet banking is an innovative delivery and distribution channel. Banks worldwide are implementing such a technology for the sake of bigger sales volumes, more profits, larger customer reach, and satisfying customer lifestyles. With the greater diffusion of technology innovative moves in the banking sector, banks in Lebanon started to implement such a technology in their business. This study focuses on the factors affecting the accepting of the internet banking. In fact, determining the factors affecting the customer acceptance of internet banking will provide an insight about to what extent the implementation of internet banking by the banks was feasible, and what bankers could do to avoid pitfalls. Many studies investigated internet banking adoption, and tried to give explanation about what makes customers go online and what makes them not do it. Models and recommendations were set by researchers in an attempt to clarify such a phenomenon. However, these studies about internet banking acceptance were all done offshore.


Ali Abdul Kareem Abu Ali


Prof. Nehale Mostapha & Prof. Nabila Abbass