Throughout the last few decades, smartness has witnessed several forms and approaches. "A smart city is an urban area that creates sustainable economic development and high quality of life by excelling in the urban environment, society and economic conditions" (UNECE 2014). In relevance to an interview with Jaime Lerner " Green cities on the cheap: Low-cost solutions for a sustainable world"; Lerner mentioned "when we realized that 75 percent of car emissions are related to the cities, we realized we can be more effective when we work with the concept of the city. It’s through cities that we can have better results". He although mentioned to what he called "portable streets", to create an informal and spontaneous market street life. There are a number of different routes through which smart urban solutions form could potentially be achieved. The paper will review several solutions in relative to low-tech smart urban solutions; as a step which might make in moving urban development closer to a smart urban form. As an effective study, the paper will discuss some examples in order to highlight the importance of "portable streets". This paper therefore, investigates the advantages of this approach as a sustainable and smart urban solution. The result of this research will be found in a number of recommendations on several levels.


Dr. El-Messeidy, Rania