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Wassila Kanawaty

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Wassila Kanawaty

Assistant Professor in Subatomic Physics

Currently, I am a full time assistant professor in subatomic physics at the Faculty of Science - Beirut Arab University.

In fact, after being graduated from master's degree (1st year) in theoretical physics  with honors at the Faculty of Science at the Lebanese University, I did 2nd year of research master’s degree at the University of Joseph Fourier in Grenoble in the field of Subatomic and Astroparticles physics. Then I could get a scholarship CFR from CEA center of Cadarache, in the Laboratory of Nuclear Measurements where I did my PhD thesis on the elemental characterization of materials by advanced neutron interrogation with the associated particle technique.

Then, I started a two years post-doctoral position in Proton-therapie at INSA - Lyon and the University Claude Bernard - Lyon 1 in Créatis Laboratory (Research Center for Acquisition and Processing Image to Health).

After that, I had the opportunity to discover another field in particle physics; the neutrinos physics via a three years post-doctoral position at LAPP (Laboratoire d'Annecy-le-Vieux Particle Physics, France), under the frame of STEREO project on the detection of sterile neutrinos.
I had also the opportunity to work at the ILL during my Master 2 Research internship in Nuclear and Particles Physics Laboratory on the production of ultra-cold neutrons in superfluid helium.

In parallel to all these research activities, I was Associated Professor in Physics, at the Lebanese University, Faculty of Sciences.

All these research activities have allowed me to acquire a solid experience in gamma spectroscopy, radiation detection, TOF measurements, nuclear and particle physics instrumentation, proton and radio therapies. In addition, I have also developed my skills in computing and simulations programs such as MCNP, Geant4, Gate, Labview and data analysis as ROOT, Gnuplot, Python, etc... All this research fields allow me to investigate in many fields of nuclear physics, medical physics and neutrinos physics.