Noura Abou Zeinab, PhD

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Noura Abou Zeinab, PhD

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Biological Sciences

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Noura Abou Zeinab, PhD

Assistant Professor of Cell Biology and Histology

Dr. Noura Abou Zeinab earned her PhD from Beirut Arab University in June 2010, specializing in Cell Biology and Histology (Biology). She began her academic journey with a bachelor of science degree in Biology, graduating with honors in 2003. Between 2003-2007, she joined BAU as a full-time faculty member assisting academic staff members in teaching. Expanding her knowledge, she pursed a Master’s degree in Cell Biology and Histology in 2007.

In (2007-2017), Dr. Abou Zeinab joined BAU and took on the role of the head of Biology laboratories (Including Zoology, Histology and Ecology Laboratories for undergraduate students; Molecular Biology for Research), while overseeing the Animal House at the Faculty of Sciences. Managing these advanced facilities, she ensured the optimal operation of molecular and biochemical experiments, as well as the responsible care and use of the animal facility. Her responsibilities extended from 2017-2023 (as a Senior Specialist on Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Specialized Laboratory, Tissue Culture Laboratory, and Animal Facility) to providing valuable guidance to undergraduate and graduate research students, helping them navigating the complexities of lab procedures, experimental protocols and the operation of specialized equipment. Her focus was to create an environment for scientific exploration and maintaining high standards in laboratory management for advanced studies.

As an instructor, which started in 2003, she has demonstrated a strong commitment to education, introducing students to a various array of subjects. Throughout her career, Dr. Abou Zeinab has taught a range of under- and post graduates courses, consistently incorporating practical examples from various fields to help students bridge theoretical concepts with the real world. In addition to her teaching responsibilities, Dr. Abou Zeinab has also worked as a dedicated co-supervisor for graduate students, providing guidance in both technical and writing aspects. Since September 2023, she has held the position of Assistant Professor of Cell Biology and Histology in the Faculty of Science at Beirut Arab university and remains actively engaged in ongoing research initiatives while serving as a supervisor for graduate students.

Dr. Abou Zeinab current research interests are focusing on in vivo assessment of natural products and nanoparticles from a toxicological, biochemical, and histopathological perspective , reflecting commitment to advancing knowledge in the field. She is committed to achieving excellence in both teaching and research, and incorporates her expertise to inspire and mentor new scientists.


Dr. Abou Zeinab taught the following undergraduate and graduate courses through the period between 2007 – Present:

Undergraduate: Zoology; Comparative Anatomy and Embryology; Cell Biology; Toxicology and Molecular Genetics; Biology for Nursing students at Faculty of Health Sciences; Parasitology, Biology of Invertebrates; Biology I; Biology II; General Biology; Histology; Environmental Issues in Lebanon; Scientific Thinking; Environmental Studies; Cell and Tissue Culture.


Postgraduate: Technical Writing and Research Skills; Neurobiology; Mammalian Toxicology; Research Techniques, Individual Studies, Current Topics Seminar.



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  2. Charab, M.A.; Abouzeinab, N.S.; Moustafa, M.E. (2016).  The Protective Effect of Selenium on Oxidative Stress Induced by Waterpipe (Narghile) Smoke in Lungs and Liver of Mice. Biol. Trace Elem. Res.pp. 1-10. DOI: 10.007/s12011-016-0737-9, PMID: 27178166. [Epub ahead of print].
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Research Interests

Following are the diverse topics Dr. Abou Zeinab is working on

  1. Evaluating the glycemic effect and anti-oxidant activities of some natural compounds in an in vivo model for diabetes,
  2. Assessing possible protective effects of natural herbs in an in vivo model for fertility and spermatogenesis.
  3. Investigating the toxic effects of several nanoparticles administered to experimental animal models (in vivo) from a toxicological and histopathological level.


Presentations at conferences

  1. BioVision (The World Life Sciences Forum), Foundation University of Lyon, Lyon -France (March 22nd – 27th, 2013). Selected among 60 worldwide scientists to participate to the BIOVISION. NEXT fellowship programme.
  2. 44th Middle East Medical Assembly at American University of Beirut, Beirut-Lebanon (from 5-8 May, 2010). Attended as a participant.
  3. Guidelines for Researchers Workshop at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Alexandria, Egypt (from 27-30 September 2010). Attended and selected as a participant among scientists.
  4. TWAS/BioVisionAlexandria.NXT 2010, Biblotheca Alexandrina. Alexandria, Egypt. (April, 10th-15th, 2010).

Abstract: Protective Effect of Silymarin on Experimental Cisplatin Hepatotoxicity and Nephrotoxicity in Rats Based on Its Antioxidant Properties. Abou Zeinab, N.; Nakkash Chmiasse, H.; Abdelmeguid, N.

  1. The 16th International Scientific Conference. In Association with: The Lebanese Association for the Advancement of Science (LAAS) National Council for Scientific Research- Lebanon (CNRS) Beirut Arab University, Debbieh, Lebanon (November, 13th-15th, 2009).

Abstract and Oral Presentation: Histopathological and Ultrastructural Studies of the Protective Effect of Silymarin on Cisplatin-Induced Tissue Toxicity in Rats. Noura ABOU ZEINAB, Hania NAKKASH, Nabila ABDELMEGUID.

  1. Attended and selected as an outstanding candidate. TWAS/BioVisionAlexandria.NXT 2008, Biblotheca Alexandrina. Alexandria, Egypt. (April, 2008). Attended as a participant.


Dr. Abou Zeinab is a member of the following:

  1. Member of the Faculty Laboratories Committee 2016 –present
  2. Member of the Faculty Quality Assurance Committee 2023
  3. Member of the Faculty Community Service & Alumni Committee 2023
  4. Member of the Faculty Competition Committee 2023


Jamal Abdul Nasser Award for Scientific Excellence (Beirut Arab University, Beirut-Lebanon. June 2003