Layal Abu Daher

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Layal Abu Daher

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Computer Science

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Layal Abu Daher

Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Dr. Layal Abu Daher is a dedicated specialist with a profound background in Information Systems and Information Technology. She embarked on her academic journey at Beirut Arab University (BAU), where she earned her Bachelor of Science in Information Systems.
Driven by a thirst for knowledge, she continued her education at BAU, obtaining her Master's degree in Information Systems, followed by a Doctorate degree in Information Technology with six publications in prestigious conferences and journals.
With a strong academic foundation, Dr. Abu Daher has now risen to the role of Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Beirut Arab University. In this capacity, she brings a wealth of theoretical knowledge and practical experience to the classroom, inspiring the next generation of IT professionals.
Dr. Abu Daher's dedication to the field is further evidenced by her commitment to research and innovation. She has contributed significantly to her academic community through publications and projects, enriching the academic landscape in the realm of Information Technology.
Dr. Abu Daher continues to make progress in both education and research, leaving an indelible mark on the world of Computer Science.


Fall 2023/2024

1- Introduction to Programming

2- Discrete Structure I

3- Digital Circuits

4- Building Basic Android Apps