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Safaa Hammoud

Pharmacology and Therapeutics Department

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Safaa Hammoud

Assistant Professor of Pharmacology

Safaa Hammoud received her BSc degree in Pharmacy from Beirut Arab University in 2010 and a master degree in Pharmacology in 2013. She was then granted a pre-doctoral scholarship from BAU/CNRS-L and proceeded to receive a PhD degree in Pharmacology.

She joined the faculty of pharmacy as a Lecturer in 2014 and then promoted to Assistant Professor in 2018. She has a previous experience for over 3 years as a hospital pharmacist and team leader.

Her research interest focus on investigating the detrimental effects of several drugs on the cardiovascular and renal vasculature.



Published articles:

  • Hammoud S.H., Omar A.G., El-Mas M.M., and Eid A.A. (2017). Molecular Basis of the Counteraction by Calcium Channel Blockers of Cyclosporine Nephrotoxicity. Am J Physiol-Renal Physiol, DOI: 10.1152/ajprenal.00275.2017
  • Hammoud S.H., Omar A.G., Eid A. A., and El-Mas M.M. (2017). CYP4A/CYP2C modulation of the interaction of calcium channel blockers with cyclosporine on EDHF-mediated renal vasodilations in rats. Toxicol Appl Pharmacol. 334.110-119. doi:10.1016/j.taap.2017.09.007


  • Hammoud SH, Omar AG, Eid AA, El-Mas MM. CYP4A/CYP2C Modulation of the Interaction of Calcium Channel Blockers with Cyclosporine on EDHF-Mediated Renal Vasodilations in Rats. FASEB J April 2017 31:998.6
  • Hammoud SH, Eid AA, Omar AG, El-Mas MM. Molecular Mechanisms of the Protective Effects of Calcium Channel Blockers against Cyclosporine Nephrotoxicity in Rats. FASEB J April 2017 31:998.7
  • Oral presentation during 21st conference Sceintifique Internationale Horizon 2020 Avancees sceintifiques et technologiques entitled “Gabapentin Modulations Hemodynamic and Atrial Effective Refractory Period in RatsHammoud S., Omar A., and El-Mallah A.



  • Certificate of Attendance to Authentic Teaching & Learning Workshop, Beirut Arab University
  • Certificate of Attendance to Adult Learning Principles Workshop, Beirut Arab University
  • Certificate of Attendance to Assessment of Competencies Workshop, Beirut Arab University
  • Certificate of Recognition for the valuable contribution in Inter-Professional Learning Experience, Beirut Arab University


  • Urban Health and Well Being 18, October 2018, Beirut Arab University
  • Experimental Biology 2017, Chicago, USA
  • APU‐BAU Congress, Appropriate Use of Medication: A Guarantee for a Safe Society, June 2015- Beirut Arab University
  • MEMA 47th, Innovation Sustained and Breakthroughs - Updates in Oncology, American University of Beirut
  • Health Insight 5, pharmaceutical and food supplements business development forum, April 2015, Le Royal Hotel- Dbayeh


Pre-doctoral award by L-CNRS (Lebanese National Council for Scientific Research) and Beirut Arab University