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Mohamad Issa

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Pharmacy Practice Department

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Mohamad Issa

Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutics

Dr Issa is a graduate of the faculty of Pharmacy, Alexandria University 1996 (Distinction, Top 5%). Based on academic excellence, he was granted a PhD scholarship from the Ministry of Higher Education in Egypt. Dr Issa got his PhD from Uppsala University, Sweden, and his thesis focused on non-viral gene therapy. He has published several original research articles in high impact journals (more than 500 citations in Scopus 2018). In 2006, He was awarded the prize of best thesis research in the field of biotechnology at the AAPS conference in San Antonio, Texas, USA. In 2009, he was appointed as an assistant professor at the faculty of Pharmacy, Beirut Arab University (BAU), where he participated in teaching and developing under- and postgraduate courses at the department of Pharmaceutics. In 2012, in response to the CCAP accreditation requirements, Dr Issa cofounded with Dr Lama Soubra the pharmacy practice department at the faculty. During his academic career, Dr Issa has been actively involved in preparing and presenting lectures, workshops and courses specially designed for the enhancement of the communication skills and professional standards of pharmacists.



Dr Issa has more than 15 years of teaching experience on different levels. Undergraduate: Introduction to pharmaceutics, physical pharmacy, design and formulation of drug delivery systems, principles and kinetics of drug stability, community pharmacy, pharmacotherapy of minor ailments (pharmacy practice IV), communication skills in pharmacy practice, Pharmacy ethics (pharmacy practice I), Leadership: concepts, principles and tools. Postgraduates: Advanced drug delivery systems, advanced pharmacikinetics.

Research Interest and Recent publications

Research Interest:

  • Development of formulations and delivery (in vitro and in vivo) of biotechnology-based pharmaceuticals especially nucleic acids (pDNA and siRNA).
  • Developing oral controlled release formulations that target specific GI sites
  • Solid-state technology: Enhancement of the solubility of poorly water-soluble drugs through solid-state manipulation.
  • Investigating the pharmacists’ practices and behaviours in offering professional services to patients in Lebanon.

Recent Publications:

  • Intrinsically floating gastroretentive tablets of sulbutamol sulphate using different sublimable/release retarding materials: A comparative study. May Saab, Mohamed Issa, Wael Samy and Hoda El-maradny, International Journal Of Pharmacy & Technology (2015), 7(1): 8094-8109
  • Alternative approaches in formulating floating hollow tablets via sublimation technique; a platform tailored drug release profile. M. Saab, M. Issa, W. Samy, H. El-Maradny. Die Pharmazie (2016), 71, 701-708.
  • Design and preparation of controlled floating gastroretentive delivery systems for enhanced fexofenadine hydrochloride oral bioavailability. May Saab, Wael Samy, Mohamed Issa, Hoda El-Maradny. Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical Research (2018); 17 (4): 569-576.
  • Current practices of community pharmacists counselling patients on smoking cessation in Beirut: A questionnaire-based study. M.Issa, M. ElSolh, L. Soubra. BAU Journal of Health and Wellbeing. (2018), 1, 55-67.
  • Prescribing of Proton Pump Inhibitors for Gastrointestinal Bleeding Prophylaxis in the Lebanese outpatient setting: patterns, compliance with guidelines and risks. L.Soubra and M.Issa. Submitted to International Journal of Pharmacy Practice. (2019).


  • Member of: Continuing education committee at BAU
  • Member of Student activities committee at the faculty of pharmacy
  • Designing and delivering workshops and lectures for staff development program at BAU
  • Designing and delivering workshops and lectures for the continuing education for Lebanese pharmacists in collaboration with OPL


  • AAPS Graduate Award for outstanding thesis research in the field of biotechnology. The award was delivered at the AAPS (American Association of Pharmaceutical Sciences) Annual Meeting and Exposition, October 29- November 2, 2006, San Antonio, Texas, USA.
  • Best Poster Award at the 6th European Consortium of Graduate Pharmacy Schools meeting, July 8-17, 2003, Paris, France (the award was delivered by Professor A.T. Florence, Dean of the school of Pharmacy in London