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Adel Sakakini

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English Language and Literature

01 300110 Ex: 2636


Adel Sakakini

Head of English Department

Dr. Adel Sakakini is an Associate Professor of Applied Linguistics. He taught at many colleges and the University of Arizona in the USA. He also taught at AUB, LIU, LU and was appointed Chairman of the English Department. Dr. Sakakini joined BAU in 1996 and is still teaching at the University. He wrote several articles on education, teaching of English and applied linguistics, such as “Methods, Approaches & techniques of teaching English in China, Japan & Argentina” (Tunisia, 2000) and “Reading for Pleasure, Reading for Memory (BAU, November 2013). Now, he is working on several articles on “Forensic Linguistics” & “The Importance of Context Clues and Grammatical Classes in Identifying Unfamiliar Words from Context”. Dr. Sakakini attended & participated in several local, national & international conferences. He supervised many MA theses at AUB, LIU & LU and is now supervising MA theses and Ph.D. dissertations at BAU.


2015-16 courses

Fall 2015/2016:

- ENGL213 Sociolinguistics (Old System)
- ENGL303 Syntax & Morphology (Old System)
- ENGL323 Introduction to Linguistics
- ENGL401 Semantics & Discourse Analysis
- TRANS 503 Translation of Specialized Texts EN….AR)
- TRANS 507 Contrastive Linguistics
- ENGL 605 Applied Linguistics
- ENGL 619 Research Methodology
- ENGL 713 Issues in Applied Linguistics

Spring 2015/2016:

- ENGL 306 Reading Language Varieties (Old System)
- ENGL 308 Methods of Teaching (Old System)
- ENGL 324 Syntax & Morphology
- ENGL 330 Sociolinguistics
- TRANS 502 Translation Internship
- TRANS 504 Translation of Specialized Texts (AR….EN)
- TRANS 506 Translation of General Texts ( EN….AR)
- TRANS 508 Lexicography
- TRANS 599 Translation Project
- ENGL 602 Discourse Analysis
- ENGL 618 Special Topics in Linguistics
- ENGL 715 Topics in Applied Linguistics


Reading for Pleasure – Lebanon
The importance of Context Clues
Children Literature – A Genuine Treasure


Participating in activities on and off campus whenever possible