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Salah Ghandour

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Salah Ghandour

Assistant Professor

I obtained my Medical Doctor Diploma from Marmara University, Istanbul, Turkey in June 1997. I did my practical internship during 1997 – 1998 in Islamic Hospital in Lebanon. I earned my PhD. in Physiology in 2004. Through this period, I was working on night duties too, in several health and medical centers in Istanbul for living, that has given me a lot of experience in clinical and public health. I returned to Lebanon and began in Lebanese University in Tripoli. Beside that I worked about 10 years in Azm & Saade Association as the Health Division Director, where I got a lot of professional course training in Management, quality & Accreditation, leadership, patient safety and public health esp. Health education and planning. I left that position since 2015, because I decided to focus on the University teaching and research career.

I increased my teaching our in Lebanese University and became half-time Assistant professor in Jinan University. I did several research about public health, health education and disaster preparedness for individuals and organizations. I began in BAU-Tripoli as part-time Assist prof. on August 2018. On Sep 2021 I honored to join the BAU-Tripoli team as full-timer assistant professor.


At BAU, I teach in the faculty of health sciences the following courses:

  • Physiology & Anatomy for Nurses - NURS215 (3cr)
  • Anatomy for MLT & Nut - HESC201 (1cr)
  • Pathophysiology - PATH203 (3cr)
  • Histopathology - MELS403 (3cr)
  • Nursing Fundamentals and Professional Ethics theory - NURS207 (3cr)
  • Adult Health Nursing I: Theory - NURS216 (3cr)
  • Adult Health Nursing II: Theory - NURS307 (3cr)
  • Adult Health Nursing III: Theory - NURS310 (3cr)
  • Critical Care Nursing Theory - NURS319 (3cr)
  • Fundamentals of Oncology - NURS330 (2cr)
  • Research and Evidence Based Practice - HESC302 (2cr)
  • Independent Project - NURS416 (2cr)
  • IPEH512 coordinator (1cr)

Research Interests

  • Public health
  • Health education & leadership
  • Emergency & Disaster preparedness plan
  • Stress, exercise & human body

Papers & Publications

  • Yamak Ch, Ghandour S. The Importance Of Health Education To Counteract The Nutritive Health Misinformation Disseminated Online: An Analytical Interventional Study. XII INTERNATIONAL EPIDEMIOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION Eastern Mediterranean Regional Scientific Meeting FEBRUARY 2019 Beirut – Lebanon (Poster)
  • El Huseyin O, Ghandour S. Impact Of Smartphone Addiction On Academic Performance And Life Satisfaction Among Adolescents In Tripoli, Lebanon. XII INTERNATIONAL EPIDEMIOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION Eastern Mediterranean Regional Scientific Meeting FEBRUARY 2019 Beirut – Lebanon (Poster)
  • Salman S, Ghandour S. Assessment And Promotion Of Knowledge About Prenatal Folic Acid Importance In Rural Areas Of Mount Lebanon: A Village-Based Intervention. XII INTERNATIONAL EPIDEMIOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION Eastern Mediterranean Regional Scientific Meeting FEBRUARY 2019 Beirut – Lebanon (Oral presentation)
  • Gunal O, Ghandour S, Deniz Melike, Aslan A. Intestinal blood flow alterations in postoperative intraabdominal adhesion formation and the role of Endothelin-1 blockade. Turkish journal of trauma & emergency surgery: TJTES 12(2):101-6.
  • Ghandour S, Çetinel S, Kurtel H. The Effect of Chronic Stress on the Hemodynamics of the Small Intestine: Role of Endothelin Receptor Antagonists. xxxv International Congress of Physiological Sciences; March 31 - April 5, 2005 At: San Diego - California – USA (Poster)
  • Ghandour S. Yegen B, Kurtel H. Effects Of Acute Exhausting Exercise And Acute Psychological Stress On The Hemodynamics Of The Rat Small Intestine: Role Of Endothelin-A (Et-A) And Endothelin-B (Et-B) Receptors. Integrative Biology of Exercise – American Physiological Society – October 2004. Austin Tx – USA (Poster)
  • Ghandour S, Çetinel S, Kurtel H. Endothelin-3 Induced Mesenteric Vasoconstriction And Pmn Infiltration In The Rat Small Intestine: Role Of Endothelin Receptors. Regulatory Peptides 119: 125-31, 2004.
  • Oktar B K, Gülpinar M.A, Bozkurt A, Ghandour S, Çetinel S, Moini H, Yeğen B.Ç, Bilsel S, Granger D.N, Kurtel H. Endothelin Receptor Blockers Reduce I/R-Induced Intestinal Mucosal Injury: Role Of Blood Flow. Am. J. Physiol. Gastrintest. Liver Physiol 282: G647 – G655, 2002.
  • Bozkurt A, Ghandour S, Okboy N, Öner S, Arbak S, Coskun T, Yeğen B.Ç. Inflammatory Response To Cold Injury In Remote Organs Is Reduced By Corticotropin- Releasing Factor.Regulatory Peptides, 99: 131 – 139, 2001.
  • Ayhan Ç, Ghandour S, Akin L, Karadağ A, Yeğen B.Ç. The Influence Of Altered Thyroid State On Gastrointestinal Motility In Rats. Marmara Medical Journal, 13 (2): 64 – 69, 2000, (2000-2001; Best Article Award)
  • Kurtel H, Ghandour S. Endothelins And Inflammation: The Gastrointestinal System. Pathophysiology, 6: 77 – 89, 1999.