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Rosy Mitri

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Nutrition & Dietetics

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Rosy Mitri

Assistant Professor

I obtained my BSc in Nutrition & Dietetics with honors from Notre Dame University, Lebanon in 2008. I earned my M.Sc. in Human nutrition from Saint Joseph University, Lebanon in 2011, then worked as a part time lecturer in many university including Notre Dame University, Lebanese International University while perusing my PhD. I was awarded my PhD in nutritional sciences from Saint Joseph University in 2016. My research was assessing the nutritional status of Lebanese elderly. After completing my PhD in 2016, I joined Beirut Arab University as a part timer where I was appointed in 2017 as an assistant professor at the nutrition & dietetics department, Faculty of Health sciences.


At BAU, I taught Therapeutic Nutrition II, Food Service Management, Food Safety & Hygiene, Assessment of the Nutritional Status, Malnutrition & Nutrition Intervention, Nutrition in Lifespan, Special Topics in Nutrition, Nutrition Project and Therapeutic Nutrition Practicum. I am currently supervising graduate students in their master thesis. I am always trying to implement new teaching methodologies in my courses.

Fall Courses

  • Therapeutic Nutrition II (3 Crs.)
  • Malnutrition and Nutrition Interventions (3 Crs.)
  • Food Safety & Hygiene (3 Crs.)
  • Food Service Management (3 Crs.)
  • Assessment of the Nutritional Status (3 Crs.)

Spring Courses

  • Therapeutic Nutrition Practicum (2 Crs.)
  • Nutrition Project (2 Crs.)
  • Nutrition in Life Span (3 Crs.)
  • Special topics in Nutrition (2 Crs.)



Research Interests

Dietary patterns studies, assessment of nutritional status in the lifespan, malnutrition.


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    Mitri R, Boulos C, Adib SM. Aging gracefully in Greater Beirut: are there any gender-based differences? Eur J Public Health. 2017 Jun 1;27(3):575-581.

    Mitri R, Boulos C, Adib SM. Determinants of the nutritional status of older adults in urban Lebanon. Geriatr Gerontol Int. 2017 Mar;17(3):424-432.




Conference proceedings

Mitri, R. Boulos, C. Adib, S. (2015) Déterminants de l’état nutritionnel des personnes âgées dans le Grand Beyrouth. 21st LAAS International Conference. Beirut, Lebanon.


Mitri, R, Ziade F. (2019) Adherence to the Mediterranean diet among adolescents attending private schools in North Lebanon. 1st International Conference on Food, Nutrition Security and Sustainable Agriculture (FNSSA). Cairo, Egypt.

University and community services

  • Participation in different committees (faculty- university):
  • Member of the research committee
  • Member of the Quality Assurance committee
  • Member of the accreditation committee
  • Member of the library committee
  • Member of the student activity committee