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Maha Dankar

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Maha Dankar

Senior Lecturer

Mrs Maha obtained her BSc in Nursing with honors from the Lebanese University, Tripoli and has earned her M.Sc. in Nursing Research from Saint Joseph University, Beirut. She worked as Registered nurse (RN) for 6 Years in Nini Hospital (In medical, surgical and ICU Departments), then as a Nursing Director for 13 years in Chahine Hospital. Meanwhile she worked as a part time lecturer in City University from October 2009 until February 2019, and in several technical institutes for LT, TS and BT nursing students since 1999. In 2019, she joined Beirut Arab University, Tripoli as a Senior lecturer at the Nursing department, Faculty of Health Sciences.


Mrs Maha has a great passion for implementation of new teaching and learning methodology in nursing courses. At BAU, she teaches the following courses:

Spring Courses

  • Emergency Care Nursing Theory (3 Crs.)
  • Community and gerontological health nursing: theory (3 crs.)
  • Community and gerontological health nursing: practice (1Cr)
  • Leadership and management in nursing (2 Crs.) + (1Cr)
  • Pediatric Health Nursing: Theory (3 Crs.)
  • Pediatric Health Nursing: practice (supervision for 2 hours)

Fall Courses

  • Mental Health and Illness across the Life Span (1 Cr)
  • Obstetric and Gynecological Health Nursing: Theory (2 Crs.)
  • Obstetric and Gynecological Health Nursing: Practice (Supervision for 2 hours.) 
  • Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing (2 Crs)
  • Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing: Practice (1Cr)

Research Interest

Mrs Maha is interested in nursing care and coping management.


  • Senior instructor at BAU-life support-Tripoli Training site
  • March 2019: conducting Hands only CPR program for people and students in different fields
  • March 29, 2019: Organizing and participating in a Workshop day entitled School nurse: Towards a successful childcare.