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Hamdy Seif

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Civil & Environmental Engineering

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Hamdy Seif


Academic Background

Ph.D Environmental Science, IIT, Bombay India 1992

M.Sc Civil Engineering, Alexandria University (Sanitary Engineering) 1984

B.Sc Civil Engineering, Alexandria University 1979

Professional Experience

1980-1987 Lecturer assistant at Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University.

1982-1987 Designer of sanitary Engineering works.

1987-1992 Ph. D. Scholar at IIT, Bombay, India.

1990-1992 Design of Anaerobic Fixed film pilot plant to Treats pharmaceutical wastewater for Cipla Company, Bombay.

1992-2008, Lecturer, associate professor, and then professor.

2008-Head of the sanitary eng. department, Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University.

2010-2012Vice-Dean for Community Development & Environmental Affairs Faculty of Eng.,Alexandria University

2011- up to now, Prof. of Environmental Science & Engineering, Beirut Arab University.

1994-2011 Teaching for under and postgraduate students of Faculty of Engineering, Beirut Arab University as a Visitor.


  • Sanitary Engineering.
  • Environmental Engineering subjects for undergraduates.
  • Environmental Engineering subjects for post graduate students.
  • Supervising on many of the master's and doctoral theses.

Principal publications and presentations

  • Hamdy Seif, S.G. joshi, S.K Gupta: pharmaceutical wastewater Treatment by Anaerobic mesophilic and Thrermophilic Fixed Film Reactors. International Assessment and Control of Environmental Contaminants in water, KYOTO, Japan, 1990.
  • Hamdy Seif et al: Effect of Organic load and reactors height on the reactors performance treat pharmaceutical waste water, Environmental Technology letters, 1992.
  • Hamdy Seif et al: Effect of temperature and cobalt addition on the. Performance of anaerobic Thermophilic Fixed Film reactors in the treatment of pharmaceutical wastewater. Environmental Technology letters, 1992.
  • Hamdy Seif: Start-Up study on Down -Up Flow Anaerobic Reactors., First International Conference, RETBE, Faculty of Eng., Alexandria University, 1996
  • Hamdy Seif and Fify Abdel Rasoul : Reuse of Grey waste water., International Conference of Water Technology, Alexandria 1997.
  • Hamdy Seif: Development of House Drainage System., International Conference of water Technology, Alexandria 1997.
  • Water Tanks and Water Pollution.
  • 8-Mariut lake-is a Polluted Lake or a Stabilization Pond (Mariut Anaerobic pond).
  • Development of House Drainage System.
  • Wastewater Drainage System at the North Coastal Villages.
  • Storm Water and Swimming pool Drainage System at the North Coastal Villages.
  • Development of Wastewater Drainage System at the Villages with Water Supplying.
  • Effect of Interruption of Aeration on the Activated Sludge System
  • Effect of Hydraulic retention Time on The Activated Sludge System.
  • Meetland Wastewater Treatment.
  • Textile Wastewater Treatment.
  • Treatment of Slaughterhouse Wastes.
  • Chemical – biological treatment of polyester textile wastewater (case-study).
  • New engineering concept for septic tank with high efficiency.
  • Removal of heavy metals from surface water in treatment plant at El- Beherah Governorate.
  • Removal of heavy metals from ground water in EL–BEHIRA governorate.
  • Study of waste stabilization pond geometry for the wastewater treatment efficiency.
  • Wastewater treatment using carbon fiber.
  • Hydraulic retention time effect on facultative waste stabilization ponds efficiency.
  • Reuse of Grey waste water.
  • Assessment of water quality due to covering of agricultural drains project in Egypt.
  • Gelatin wastewater treatment.
  • Natural wastewater treatment in mountain areas in Lebanon.
  • Mathematical Modeling of Wastewater Aeration Efficiency Using Natural Stepped Cascades.
  • Moisture Content and Thermal Balance During Composting of Fish, Banana Mulch and Municipal Solid Waste.
  • Effect of Co-composting Fish and Banana Wastes with Organic
  • Municipal Solid Wastes on Carbon / Nitrogen Ratio
  • 33 - Application of fuzzy logic control for Benchmark simulation
  • model.1
  • Modeling and simulation of German BIOGEST/EL-AGAMY wastewater treatment plants – Egypt using GPS-X simulator.
  • Application of Artificial Neural Network (ANN) for the prediction of EL-AGAMY wastewater treatment plant performance-EGYPT

Honors and Professional Society Membership

  • Member of IWA (International Water Association) England.
  • Member of Environmental Egyptian Friends Association.
  • Member of Egyptian Planning Association.
  • Member of Egyptian Engineering Association.