Rasha Sukkarieh

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Rasha Sukkarieh

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Faculty of Architecture - Design And Built Environment

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Rasha Sukkarieh

Senior Lecturer in Architecture

Rasha Sukkarieh is an architect and researcher, expert in computational design and digital fabrication. Rasha holds a Bachelor’s in Architectural Engineering from Beirut Arab University and a Master’s in Advanced Architecture II from the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia -UPC. After practicing at leading firms in the Middle East and Spain, Rasha is currently a senior lecturer at the Faculty of Architecture at BAU, investigating the new digital paradigms and design strategies applied in the architecture process through experimental methodologies. She is a Ph.D. candidate with a dissertation title: Generative Design through Agent-Based Systems: A new methodology in integrating alternative materials, fabrication, and construction techniques. Rasha also mentors teams at the BAU entrepreneurship program. She is the coordinator of the annual IAAC Global Summer School - Beirut node since 2016, TechWomen fellow, and IIE alumni.