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Mohamad Tohme

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Faculty of Architecture - Design And Built Environment

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Mohamad Tohme

Instructor in Architecture

Architect, designer, and artist. Earned a bachelor’s degree in architecture from Beirut Arab University in 2016, then Earned a Master’s Degree in Design from ENSA de Grenoble in France in 2017.
Worked in different architectural design offices and documentation of historical elements in Saida Lebanon. In 2018, started academic work as a part-time assistant at Beirut Arab University, yet at the beginning of the academic year, 2018-2019 became full-time in this field of work to become a Ph.D. candidate as a first-year in the field of history of Architecture.
In addition to working experience, Mohamad W. Tohme undergoes many workshops and site visits in Lebanon, in order to shed the light on unknown areas in Lebanon that have an important historical impact, by showing them through sketches, modeling, and photography.