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Khaled Sadek

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Faculty of Architecture - Design And Built Environment

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Khaled Sadek

Assistant Professor in Architecture

Mr. Khaled A. Sadek is an architect and urban planner, with more than 24 years of experience in architectural projects planning, executing and monitoring. Mr. Sadek received his Masters of Science MS in" Urban & Regional Planning" from Beirut Arab University in 2007 after obtaining his BS in 1992. Mr. Sadek has a strong experience in design, design development, construction documents, specification & material research, code research, project management, and construction monitoring. Mr. Sadek has excellent communication skills. He is a team worker, loyal, and committed to complete quality tasks on time and per schedule. He possesses the ability to assimilate and resolve complicated tasks, he has proven record to work under pressure and accomplish the targeted goals. Mr. Sadek has deep knowledge in construction industry procedures from design to execution and handing-over stage. He has vast experiences in handling a wide range of projects types and providing Design Consultancy Services for Residential Complexes, Mixed-use Projects, Headquarters and Office Towers.


Research Interests:

In addition to his involvement in the informal housing problems on an urban level, Mr. Sadek is interested in research related to the procurement methods types and how to identify specific criteria for selecting the optimal procurement method for a given project.


• Sadek, Khaled, “The impact of the informal housing on the urban fabric of the city -Case study: Beirut”, Master Thesis, Beirut Arab University, 2007.
• Abdel–Maksoud, Ramadan; El–Hagla, Khalid; Sadek, Khaled; “The impact of the informal housing on the urban fabric of the city -Case study: Beirut”, Architecture & Planning Journal, (APJ), Vol. 18, Issue of January 2007 -Beirut Arab University, pp. 145-158


Mr. Sadek was a member of the organizing committee for the First international Conference on Architectural Education –Rethinking Architectural Education RAE 2016. The conference was organised by Beirut Arab University in partnership with the Royal institute of British Architects RIBA.