Energy and Environment

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The Faculty members make direct contributions to energy innovations at Beirut Arab University and in local communities. Researches are being conducted that will help the Lebanese society to mark actual enhancements in their energy management systems. Research teams work closely with expert local stakeholders as well as leading technology companies throughout the development and implementation of several projects centered on renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Related topics under which faculty members are currently conducting research include:

  • Scour around bridge pier and the associated failure and its impact on the society.
  • Power Maximizing of PV Panels and Leakage Current Solution for PV Systems.

Two publications in the last two years were reported that tackle this research problem.

Provision and use of energy and natural resources in an efficient way is the single biggest challenge for Lebanese and surrounding societies to preserve the planet for future generations. One of the faculty’s main concern fulfilling these fundamental responsibilities through some strategical plans. These plans include expanding collaborations with local and international companies so as to serve the Lebanese and middle eastern society as well as the cultures under development.