Construction, Planning and Design

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The Faculty of Engineering conducts research that has relevance to Construction, Planning and Design. For example, some research is concerned with Power harmonics which are among the important factors that affect the safety of transmitting and transforming power. The main aim of this research is to construct and apply Active Power Filter to eliminate the low-order harmonics from the distorted system, with the aim of increasing the power quality of power systems. Other research areas are related to composite structures, seismic strengthening of structures and water hammer systems.

Several research topics currently being tackled by researchers in the faculty of engineering fall under this theme. Some specific topics are listed here below.

  • Design of active power filter
  • Novel design techniques in the construction of steel and composite structures
  • Seismic strengthening of existing structures
  • Design of water hammer system

Researchers in the Faculty of Engineering show their interest in these topics by conducting research and reporting the outcomes in prestigious international and national journals, magazines, symposia, conferences and meetings. More than 4 publications were reported during the last two years.

One main research direction in this area is the development and implementation of series active filter in the distorted circuit, when there are nonlinear loads or converters like as photocopier machine, faxes, etc. The line current would be distortion free after introducing this filter to meet IEEE standard. The faculty of Engineering through its staff members is planning to invest further in this theme. Among its plans is increase collaborations with national and international companies which will provide financial support to fund research under this theme.