Theories, History and Humanities in Architecture

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“Space has no room, time not a moment for man. He is excluded. In order to “include” him – help his homecoming – he must be gathered into their meaning. (Man is the subject as well the object of architecture). Whatever space and time mean, place and occasion mean more. for space in the image of man is place, and time in the image of man is occasion”. Aldo Van Eyck, “Team 10 Primer”, in Architectural Design, December 1962.

The relation between this theme and Architecture works in two different and opposite directions: Society, culture and human behavior always influence the architectural solution, in term of linking a building in a specific context and surrounding. On the other hand, an architectural solution, creates new conditions to develop a society, a culture and finally, certain human behaviors. It's a clear and never ending relation of give and have. Investigating this theme means to go depth in the essence of Architecture, and its necessity to create a place. Architecture is an art that works on the reality, where physical contact and relations between users in a space is necessary. From "define a space" to "make a place". Make A Place is the real aim of an architectural project, only there we see, in the same moment, space and life, and in this way there are occasions for a common evolution.

The main theme is developed in a subtheme, “Theories, History and Humanities”, in turn developed in many branches of research by Academic Staff, in detail; Theories and History of architecture, reflects on how a specific historical period defines an architectural language, a culture, in according with theories and thoughts of the society of that time. Humanities and Social studies in architecture, analyze as architecture, is a social container to allow expression of human behavior. Architectural education and profession, investigates about best practices, new proposals and innovation in education methods and professional practice. Teaching and doing architecture, to create a link between academic and profession, for evolution of the society. Architectural design trends, as expression of different point of views in a complex and multicolor society as the modern and contemporary era. Architectural criticism, inspects and encourages comments, opinions, and judgments about Architectural thoughts, solutions and places. Rehabilitation and conservation of architectural heritage, encourages studies about this essential asset to respect tradition and evolution of each culture. Culture philosophy intentions and interpretations in architecture, investigates purposes and results, projects and will, execution and translation.

The Faculty of Architecture, Design and Built Environment, encourages post graduate level students and all Academic Staff to publish papers, investigating this theme and related subthemes; as result, last year were published 12 papers in International Conferences and Journals by members of this Faculty.