Molecular Biology and Therapeutics of Disease

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We live in the era of bedside to bench to bedside that facilitates and speeds up the understanding of diseases molecular pathways. At the Faculty of Medicine, our effort focus on identifying genes implicated in the development of diseases and searching for new therapeutic avenues.

We use multiple approaches in order to identify and characterize the genes implicated in the human diseases and which can contribute for the development of novel therapies. The pathological pathways and mechanisms of underlying diseases are closely studied in patient derived cells and cultured tissues, and later in animal model, in particular mice and rats. These assays combination provides a novel spectrum that correlates genes to molecules and functions to pathological pathways essential to elaborate therapeutics in favors of patients.

We focus on the molecular genetics of human disease including cancer thru the elaboration of new tumor markers and tumor suppressor genes implications and neuromuscular diseases through the identification of novel genes and their function involved in the pathogenesis.

We keep a close collaboration with clinical researchers experienced in the field in our affiliated hospitals across Lebanon exploring crucial relevant clinical questions to be evaluated and solved by our molecular research teams.