Healthcare Jurisdcitions and Policies

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The common goal of positive health outcome, which is the maintenance or improvement of health in a population is shared by health care providers, consumers, and policy makers. In particular, the practice of health professionals and operation of health care institutions is typically regulated by national authorities through appropriate regulatory bodies for purposes of quality assurance. These bodies create strict healthcare policies and jurisdictions that need to be implemented by the healthcare providers.

Research provides a reasonable way of examining barriers to policy implementation at the practice level. The organizational, professional, and social contexts into which a policy is introduced may block or facilitate practice change. There must be consequences for failure to comply with the policy.

Based on the above facts, and due to the delicate nature of the healthcare administration strategies in Lebanon, we decided at the Faculty of Medicine to conduct research projects in different Lebanese healthcare institutions to test the actual implementation by the healthcare professionals of the different health care jurisdictions and policies set by the Lebanese authorities. We intend to identify the barriers to proper policies implementation whether on the organizational, professional or social level. Our objectives will significantly help to improve the quality of the healthcare delivery and provide an evidence-based resource for the actual policy makers to improve the creation and implementation of their policies.