Researches are being conducted that will help the Lebanese society to mark actual enhancements in their energy management systems.

Faculty members are currently working on the following topics:

  • Green radio network planning in LTE networks.
  • Traffic management strategies to improve traffic flow, thus reducing cost through cutting travel time and stress on road users.
  • Enhancing road safety and its wider impact on the society and human behaviour.
  • Intelligent transportation systems that will lead positively contribute to road users satisfaction (e.g. drivers, pedestrians, transit passengers).
  • Transit oriented development (TOD) based on using public transport.

Four publications were reported during the last two years that can be positioned under this sub-theme. The faculty has plans concerning this research point precisely because it is of extreme importance to Lebanon. These plans include establishing postgraduate located under this sub-theme such as traffic management and encouraging faculty members to invest in project related to traffic and energy management.