Workshop on Dietary pattern analysis BAU/NIN-Cairo

09 March 2021


Dietary patterns analysis
Department of Nutrition and Dietetics - Faculty of Health sciences
Beirut Arab University  - Beirut-Lebanon
Presented at the National institute of Nutrition (NIN)
Cairo-Egypt March 3-4 2021

Dr. Leila Itani Assistant professor at the Faculty of Health Sciences/ Nutrition and dietetics department delivered a two days workshop on Dietary patterns analysis for the National institute of Nutrition in Cairo. The workshop took place over Zoom meeting platform on the 3rd and 4th  of March 2021. The workshop aimed at capacity building for junior researchers in the statistics unit of the NIN lead by Dr. Inas Fawzy the areas of dietary data management, analysis and deriving dietary patterns.

Dr. Itani delivered the workshop in response to an invitation From the NIN represented by its Director Dr. Gihan Fouad Ahmad and professor Sahar Zaghloul at the Department of Nutrition requirement and growth. The workshop was attended by a group of physicians, dietitians and statisticians.