From Our Energy...To Our Region

21 February 2023


Beirut Arab University Lights up Its Surrounding Area

Within the framework of "Light Your Street" initiative, Beirut Arab University organized a street lighting ceremony surrounding its Beirut campus, in cooperation with Rebirth Beirut and Medco, under the slogan "From Our Energy...To Our Region" ((من طاقتنا...لمنطقتنا, where the streets were lit on an area of 18,500 square meters and 1,040 linear meters.

The ceremony was attended by the Governor of Beirut, Judge Marwan Abboud, the Founder and President of the Rebirth Beirut Association, Gabi Fernaini, the Chairman of the University’s Board of Trustees, Dr. Ammar Houri, the University’s President, Prof. Amr Galal El-Adawi, the vice presidents, the faculty deans, the university’s Secretary General, Dr. Omar Houri, some military and religious personnel, and the university’s neighbors.

The event started with the Lebanese and university’s anthem, and then the host of the ceremony, Ms. Rima Shehab, spoke: “One of the main goals of higher education institutions is to enhance the spirit of cooperation and nurture students to be role models by serving their community, their surroundings, and their country. This, of course, is part of our university’s strategy and confidence in building generations that are united and useful for a better tomorrow.”

Then the President of the University, Prof. El-Adawi, spoke: "We are pleased that we have created a new partnership with Rebirth Beirut and Medco. It is known that the university's policy is not only to issue certificates and education, but rather it has responsibilities towards society and its surroundings. We have provided many services and projects, whether in Tripoli, Beirut, or Debbieh, and we always use the materialistic and human capabilities of the university to serve the community, similarly to what happened in the August 4th explosion.”

Prof. El-Adawi continued: "Today, in these difficult circumstances, all institutions must unite and cooperate with each other to reduce the burden on the citizens. In addition,   the Faculty of Architecture- Design and Built Environment under the supervision of the Dean, Professor Ibtihal Youssef El-Bastawissi, has worked on a project that aims for the redevelopment of Tariq Al-Jadida and Cola Region, to enhance the performance level on the urban spaces within the city, and helps in reducing the pollution levels and contributes to improving the quality of life amongst the citizens, starting with the first phase of improving the traffic circulation in this urban area.
This Project will be in collaboration with the Beirut Municipality.

Then, Founder and President of the Rebirth Beirut Association, Gabi Fernaini, stated: “We are a people who are accustomed to rising from the rubble, just as Beirut has shaken off the dust of destruction, war and explosion, and has regained its radiance thanks to the many initiatives… including the initiative that brings us together today. Today we are in front of one of the most important universities that bear the city's name, Beirut Arab University; this university is a symbol of the region and occupies a large space in the hearts of its residents, students, professors, and staff... and in our hearts as well.”

Fernaini continued: “Today, our association, Rebirth Beirut, is proud to add new streets to its achievements and new hope to confirm that Beirut is the capital of culture and science in this East and will not be drowned in darkness!

Fernaini also indicated that the "Light Your Street" initiative has illuminated 61 streets and 6 main avenues to date, and aims to light 200 streets until the end of 2023.

Then the Governor of Beirut, Judge Marwan Abboud, said: “Beirut, our beloved, despite it going through difficult days, and with God’s will, our will and your will, it will rise again, and will never be extinguished. Beirut faced a lot, Beirut shook, but with perseverance and will, it won’t overturn, but rather we want to light it street after street, and with the university’s support, so that Beirut Arab University becomes a laboratory to develop this region in various living, economic and urban aspects”.

The governor also asked the president of the University for “the Support of the university's engineers to detect and survey the buildings affected by the earthquake due to the lack of sufficient human capabilities to carry out this duty.”

The ceremony concluded with lighting the streets surrounding the university.