Beirut Arab University team wins the first runner up place In the 13th Edition of the Arab Startup Competition

01 July 2020


A Student Team from the Faculty of Architecture - Design and Built Environment at Beirut Arab University won the first runner-up place in the first startup competition that presents creative ideas at the Arab world level. The team was qualified to be among the finalists internationally where teams from eleven countries around the world participated in this competition.

The Faculty of Architecture - Design and Built Environment team has established a new company for building materials that were made from more than 60% of recycled materials, which are often non-recyclable. The company is one of the new companies that are specialized in concrete systems and called (INFRASTIC) which is a new construction technology company specialized in concrete systems for both vertical and ‎horizontal applications

INFRASTIC team has won the first runner-up place in the Arab Startup Companies competition about the “ideas track” in its 13th edition in 2020 which was organized by MIT Enterprise Forum (MITEF) – Pan Arab. Many teams from around the world participated in it where eleven teams reached the semi-finalist stage.

The Arab Startup Companies competition is an annual competition that was launched by MIT forum for Entrepreneurship in the Arab World since 2006. It aims to empower the youth and promote the incubator environment for innovation and entrepreneurship in the Arab region. Entrepreneurs in this competition have competed along three tracks: ideas track, startups track and social entrepreneurship track.

The winning team was granted $5000 as well as mentoring and pre incubation offer at Flat6Labs Beirut and was consisted of the following students: Louay Ghezzawi, Iman Najjar, Haidar El Mokdad and Jana El Chami, and was supervised by the Engineer Rasha Sukkarieh and the directions of Professor Ibtihal Youssef El Bastawissi, the Dean of the Faculty who said: “this qualification is an assertion about the scientific, technical and creativity level of our students and their ability to adapt with the changes on the entrepreneurship level.