BAU and “IRADA” Launched Free Clinics for Corona Patients

23 March 2021


The President of Beirut Arab University Professor Amr Galal El Adawi and President of the Association of Businessmen for Support and Development (IRADA) Mr. Assem Nawam opened the free field clinics for Corona patients affiliated to the BAU Health Care Center which were established in partnership by the two parties.                             

The clinics will provide free medical examination and follow-up to patients who do not need hospitalization and can be treated at home by a group of specialist doctors and nurses in field clinics specially established near the intersection of Sports City and Tarik Al Jadidah. They consist of seven clinics fully equipped with their facilities, and a ready ambulance for the Islamic Medical Association to transfer critical cases to Makassed Hospital and Rafik Hariri Hospital.

Beirut Arab University and IRADA had started the first phase of the community support agreement to face the Corona epidemic through the telephone clinics, which had provided support for more than 1,800 consultations and reviews through university doctors, and the second phase was completed by with opening of the clinics.

The ceremony was attended by the Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt to Lebanon H.E. Dr. Yasser Elwi, President of the Board of Trustees of the Wakf El Bir Wal Ihasn Society Dr. Ammar Houri, Dr. Khaled Kabbani,  General Manager of Social Welfare Institutions in Lebanon, Faissal Sinno President of the Islamic Philanthropic Association in Beirut , representatives of medical and social societies, Deans of Medical Faculties,  the Secretary General of BAU Dr. Omar Houri, Dean of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, and Director of Statistics Division at ESCWA, Dr. Juraj Riecan.

The Assistant Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and the Medical Director of the Health Care Center at BAU, Dr. Issam Shaarani, said that the number of patients in a medical perspective is divided into a large group, which is for patients who suffer from limited symptoms and are treated at home through the necessary instructions, while the second group is for the patients who have severe symptoms where they need a medical evaluation, and they may need to be admitted to hospital. As for the third group, they are critically ill patients and mostly need intensive care.
“The idea of establishing Corona telephone and field clinics was launched from this perspective. Telephone clinics enable the largest group to obtain medical care over the phone all day long, while those with severe symptoms can be evaluated in the field clinics and given the necessary treatments and instructions." Shaarani said.
Then Mr. Assem Nawam President of IRADA said, “What we are doing today is not just cutting the opening ribbon for an important social and health initiative for our community, but rather it is more and further away from that. In cooperation with our partners at Beirut Arab University, we are laying together the foundation stone for the future Beirut Arab University Hospital, which is the dream project that we must all work to achieve with all our strength and capabilities to establish it in this particular place so that it forms a long-awaited medical and social edifice.

Nawam added: "By opening the Corona field clinics project, we will have contributed to achieving the third goal of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which is to secure good health for an important segment of society, which is an act that makes us all feel honored and proud".

Professor Amr Galal El-Adawi, President of the University talked about "the importance of cooperation between institutions to serve the community in light of the pandemic that is widely spreading. The health and social situation of the human being in Lebanon has become threatening, especially since hospitals have reached their maximum capacity, and that field clinics shall contribute in facing the virus, which will provide its services freely for everybody through a medical and nursing team from BAU under the supervision of the BAU Health Care Center of the Faculty of Medicine.

The President of the University mentioned that “The graduates and students from the Faculties of Medicine, Nursing and Pharmacy are in the frontlines in all the Lebanese areas doing their jobs in facing the pandemic.” He added: “The opening of the clinics is a completion of the second phase of the project according to an agreement signed between the two parties where Beirut Arab University is responsible for selecting the medical and nursing staff, manages it and handles its affairs, provided that IRADA prepares the telephone and field clinics and provide the cost of operation."

The ceremony was concluded by a field tour.