The University Primary Healthcare Centre will start providing community service by the beginning of the academic year 2017/2018; it is expected to participate in the clinical training of medical students as well. FOM_BAU established the Healthcare Center (BAUHC) with a mission to improve health of the population by providing quality yet accessible primary healthcare services as well as to contribute in the clinical education of BAU students of related majors.

Ambulatory care is being developed within Hariri building which is going to work based on a patient-focused service where some conditions may be treated without the need for an overnight stay in hospital. The aim of this service is to provide patients with the care required to treat their condition during scheduled ambulatory care opening hours. It will be staffed by a consultant, on-call medical team, qualified nursing staff and a healthcare assistant (HCA).

Main Objectives:

  1. To be a place for providing both preventive and curative health care services based on the needs of the community.
  2. To offer a health care in compliance with the Primary Care Accreditation Standards established by the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health.
  3. To provide comprehensive, safe, affordable and accessible primary health care for patients.
  4. To enhance clinical research and education to medical, nursing, and other medical students and trainees.

(Appendix 6. 9_BAU HC)